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Addictions & Substance Abuse

The development and application of treatments must be based on an understanding of the causes and progression of the disorder. This is an especially difficult challenge for the treatment of the mental health issues, substance abuse, and addictions because many factors contribute to etiology. Hence, a complex array of interacting medical, mental, and psychosocial problems typically need to be addressed. Furthermore, the predisposing individual and contextual factors influencing the causes and course of disorders differ between genders and between different life stages.

Bring your organization into the 21st century with unparalleled, efficient real-time access to multivariate client assessment, analysis of client response to treatment, and instant access to reports that guide program improvement dialogue among staff.

Screening & Assessment

The gold standard in validated, multivariate, self-report, mental health and substance use screening and assessment. read more…

The new standard in quick screening of youth at risk for Substance Use Disorder. Ideal for use in SBIRT initiatives. read more…

Online Assessment & Reporting System

Streamline client assessment, treatment planning, and monitoring client response to treatment with our PIPEDA/HIPAA compliant eCenterWEB™ solution. Our interactive solution means your sessions with clients become a collaborative and engaging process that stays focused on key problems, treatment goals, and client progress in multiple domains of functioning.

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Intake Assessment – Overall Report

Part A – Overall Problem Severity, Lie Scale, Problem Severity by Domain

Intake Assessment – Overall Report

Part B – Prediction of Mental Health Disorder

Intake Assessment – Overall Report

Part C – Prediction of Adverse Outcomes

Intake Assessment – Overall Report

Part D – Drug & Alcohol Use Frequency

Intake Assessment – Detailed Report

Psychiatric Disorder – Subscales & Related Questions

Follow Up Assessment – Month 1, 2, 3

Monitoring Client Progress – All Domains

Program Evaluation & Improvement

Use our custom reporting solution to generate real-time reports on program effectiveness, project organizational resource needs, and quantify improvements in clinical outcomes.

Program Effectiveness – by Program Type

Analysis of Impact on Clients

Prevalence/Prediction of Mental Health Disorder

Current, by Age 19, by Age 22 (%)

Prediction of Adverse Outcomes

by Age 19 (%)

Featured Client & Research Projects

The Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM)

Winnipeg, MB, Canada


Research - Multivariate Comparison of Male and Female Adolescent Substance Abusers with Accompanying Legal Problems

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